What is a cookie?


A cookie is a text file that contains small amounts of information and is stored on your device when you visit a website. With each future visit, such cookies are then sent back to the website from which they originate or to another website that recognizes the cookie. Cookies are useful because websites can use them to recognize the devices of individual users (e.g. passwords, the selected language, font size, other display settings). Thus, cookies allow a website to be adapted to your interests so that you do not have to re-enter it every time.


Cookies are therefore used to carry out authentications, monitor visits and observe your behavior on a website. They can also contain a unique identification code that tracks the navigation of the user within the website for statistical purposes or for advertising. While you are browsing the website, you may also receive cookies from other websites or web servers on your device. Some functionalities might not work or not work properly without cookies, which is why they are technically necessary in certain cases for the website to function properly.


Types of cookies

There are different types of cookies. Depending on their properties and functions, these can be stored on your device for different lengths of time: Session cookies are automatically deleted as soon as you close the browser; The so-called permanent cookies, on the other hand, remain on your device until a predetermined point in time.

Under current legislation in Italy, the use of cookies does not always require express consent. In particular, so-called "technical" cookies do not require them. These are used, for example, to transmit a message via an electronic communication network or to provide a service you have explicitly requested. In other words, they are essential cookies for the proper functioning of the site or for activities that you, the user, request.


A distinction must be made between the following cookies:

Technical cookies: They enable you to navigate on the basis of selected functions (e.g. language settings, goods selected for purchase) with the purpose of improving the comfort and performance of the website.

Analytics cookies: They are used directly by the website operator to collect information on the number and behavior of users of this website.

Profiling cookies: They record your navigation and create a user profile from your surfing behavior. In this way, personalized advertising messages can be sent to you that correspond to your interests and habits.

Third party cookies: These cookies come from other websites or web servers and serve the same purpose. For more information, please contact the relevant third party directly. The use of third-party cookies can usually be prevented by making the appropriate settings in the browser.

According to the authority for the protection of personal data, technical cookies do not require express consent for their use (see Prov.Gen. "Recognition of simplified procedures for information and obtaining consent for the use of cookies - May 8, 2014"). The prior consent of the user is required for cookies, which are aimed at creating user profiles and creating advertising messages.

When you visit a website, cookies are set both by the visited page and by other organizations. Particularly noteworthy are the social plugins such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These are areas of the visited website that are generated by third party sites and integrated into the visited website. The most common use of social plugins is aimed at exchanging content with social networks. You can find more information about cookies from third parties in their cookie notices. To ensure maximum transparency and convenience, you will find below the Internet addresses with the various information and possible uses of cookies.

Facebook cookie policy

Facebook configuration: access your account

Twitter cookie policy

Twitter configuration: access your account

Google+ and Youtube cookie policy

Google+ and Youtube configuration: access your account

Instagram cookie policy

Among the analytics cookies are particularly those of Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. These cookies enable the use of Google Analytics and help the website operators to analyze the activities on the website, such as the number of users who search -Criteria, the services used and the average duration of the visits. They also provide additional data that make it easier to prepare the content in a more user-friendly manner.


You can use the appropriate settings in the browser to decide whether the cookies are to be blocked or deleted - in whole or in part. However, if all or some cookies are deactivated, it is possible that the website does not function properly or that certain services or functions are not available. You can change or confirm your settings with regard to the use of cookies at any time.


In case you do not want to use cookies, we have put together links below, under which you can find detailed information on deactivating cookies in common browsers. If you cannot find your browser listed here, simply ask a search engine.

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