Tre Cime di Lavaredo
Sasso della Croce



Our famous pale mountains, which turn red at dusk, were declared as Natural World Heritage by the UNESCO in 2009 because of their uniqueness. Many great legends hide behind the beauty and magic of these mountains. It was for example the spell of King Laurin and his Rose Garden, which is the cause why nowadays the mountains glow red at dusk. You have never heard of it? Here is the legend: King Laurin and his Rosengarten

Dolasilla is the queen of our nature park Fanes-Sennes-Braies. You can read her story on your holiday in San Vigilio along a nice walking trail through meadows.

The Dolomites are the home of us Ladins, also known as Reto Romans. Our language is one of the oldest languages in Europe. The origin is the Latin of the Roman Empire and therefore, our language, is older than Italian, Spanish or French. In addition to our own language, we Ladins do also have an own culture with own customs and an own flag (green as the meadows, white as the snow and blue as the sky)

You see, a holiday with us in the Dolomites can only be unique and magical! Our picture gallery and the Dolomites video will prove it to you.